Music executive, Nigerian artist and talent manager, Bankulli Osha spoke with Rubbin’ Minds host, Latasha Ngwube has revealed details of his work with Beyoncé on “The Gift album“.

Bankulli was responsible for the crafty ode to fuji melody on ‘Find Your Way Back’ and provided a spiritual outro on ‘Otherside’.

He sang in Yoruba with the lyrics, “Sokale o Oluwa, wa wonu okan mi lo” (Descend from the heavens, Lord and take over my soul). The lines, which is common in the Nigerian Pentecostal church music, uplifted the song in ‘Lion King: The Gift’ album.

About the album, Bankulli said: “Every song on the Beyoncé album was well scripted, there was a sound design, there was no free-styling, no last minutes.”


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