Bisi Alimi Reveals He and His Husband Have Started the “Journey to Fatherhood”

The Nigerian  LGBT activist took to his Instagram to reveal that he and Anthony Davis have decided to be parents.

“Officially starting the journey to fatherhood,” said Alimi in his post, and this comes two days after the couple celebrated their second wedding anniversary.

Alimi had faced intense criticisms and threats because of his sexuality and he never cowered in the face of adversity. In 2016, he married the love of his life in London.

“Two years ago today, the Nigerian prince (not the yahoo-yahoo one) married the Australian prince,” he wrote on Nov. 7, adding, “It has been a glorious two years and I am excited for the future. Happy anniversary babe.”

Now, they are set to expand their family, and fans are glad for them.

See his post below.


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