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Cardi B Is Reebok’s Newest Celebrity Partner

Cardi B Is Reebok’s Newest Celebrity Partner


Cardi B Is Reebok’s Newest Celebrity Partner

The newest rap sensation has been named Reebok’s newest celebrity partner, Billboard is reporting.

Confirming the new deal, Cardi shared a photo in which she is wearing a black tracksuit and a pair of Aztrek sneakers, a look that reminds fans of the brand’s ’90s trend.

Reebok only recently unearthed the class Aztrek sneakers.

It is unclear the terms of the collaboration, however, Reebok has explained why they chose Cardi:

“Cardi isn’t just a world-class entertainer. She’s a mother, a style icon, a pop culture magnet and — above all else — a fearless individual. She’s broken every mold that superstars are supposed to fit into — and she’s reached the top by following nobody’s path but her own.”

Congratulations to Cardi B!

Check out the first look here:

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