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eLDee slams Olu Maintain for performing his song ‘Big Boy’ on stage

eLDee slams Olu Maintain for performing his song ‘Big Boy’ on stage

eldee-slams-olu-maintain-for-performing-his-song-big-boy-on-stageeLDee has dragged Olu Maintain for performing his hit song ‘Big Boy’ on stage while in New York

Olu Maintain had a show in New York where he performed before his teeming fans and went on to jump on eLDee’s hit song ‘Big Boy’. It didn’t take long before eLDee took to his comment section to blast him for performing his song.

“This shameless nigga out on stages performing my songs like he created it. I still remember how he tried to steal the record after I put him on it, forcing me to put it out prematurely. Nigga ran off with the unmastered draft and went to print CDs with himself as the lead artist, even his verse was written by me #Appropriation #getyourownshit Lesson to young artist Don’t ever do pity features,” he wrote.

It didn’t end there, he went on to call Olu Maintain’s action, shameless; “This right here is shameless appropriation 👎👎👎.” However, the comments have been taken down while eLDee took to his Instagram stories to apologise to his fans for his outburst.

“Last post was out of character. If you know me, you know that I don’t usually sweat shit like that. Sorry if I offended you but I have a lot of stories I never got to tell about the shady nonsense I kept quiet from in that industry. #NigerianAmericanPodcast #NewEpisodes #ComingSoon,” he wrote.

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