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Great Cornerstone International School: Blogger who started scandal against school reveals he misinformed public.

Great Cornerstone International School: Blogger who started scandal against school reveals he misinformed public.

Popular blogger and twitter influencer Bhadmus Hakeem (@TheBhadoosky) who tweeted about Great Cornerstone International Science College, Arigidi Akoko, misdemeanour took to his twitter account today to refute the allegations.

According to him,

I’ll like to make important clarification concerning the incidence that happened at Great Cornerstone International Science College, Arigidi Akoko, Ondo state on the 20th of July 2018. Remember I reported via a thread I did on my Twitter handle asking what you would do if you find out your child’s name was printed on his/her school’s send forth magazine as “Debtor” because he/she didn’t pay N5000 to buy the school a parting gift? That post generated a lot of reaction from people far and wide both online and offline.

Series of happening followed and I’ll like to make clarification to set some narrative right. After the incidence, I was able to reach out to the school management to ask for their own side of the story even though I should have done that before going public with the story. I agree that I should have done that before coming online to tell the story and I’m sorry I didn’t.

Report I got from the school was that in choosing school prefects for each sets, the students always contest democratically for the posts the student union government style. And when they campaign, they always roll out manifestoes telling their colleagues what they intend doing during their tenure.

For the 2018 set, it was said that they promised to by a gift for the school as one of their own personal project and to achieve that, they charged themselves to contribute money to achieve that. This was not made known to me by Funmilola Aguda who gave me all the information I posted online.

Due to some students not wanting to contribute and share the glory with those who contributed, the students who were elected to lead their fellow students decided to have a page on the graduating journal where they listed out those of them who paid and those who didn’t pay. I tweeted about this not because I intended tarnishing the good name of the school which was hard-earned. The post raise a lot of dust and I want to say I’m sorry for the outcome. It was never my intention. I believe I wouldn’t have posted the story if I had been informed about this arrangement.

I’ll like to clarify the N104,000 school fee as published in my thread. Funmi only informed me that the students pay N104,000 per term but didn’t furnish me with the breakdown of how she came about the figure.

From my findings, only day students pay that much with a breakdown of N40,000 as tuition fee and addition of N60,000 for students who choose to use the school’s hostel facilities and feeding for a period of four months. This revelation means that not all student pay N104,000.
Also Great Cornerstone International Science College management revealed that students were only asked to pay the sum of #11,000 for their graduation suit. And as a matter of fact, the cost price of the suit is N15,000 but the school decided to subsidize the cost price by reducing the money to make it affordable to all graduating students in SSS3 of the school. And as a matter of fact, it is a very quality suit made out of pure cotton to enhance durability.
Meanwhile, they revealed they cannot rule out the fact that some of the graduating students might have collected the sum of N15,000 from their parents and possibly N5000 which is the project fee from their innocent parents.

Adding all these together and juxtaposing it with the fact that the student who is a younger brother to my source (Funmi Aguda) collected N15,000 from home. He later said he used the remaining money to buy white long sleeve to complement the suit he bought from the school. I apologize for this misinformation and hope this will help correct all the wrongs.
I’ll like to appreciate the School management, staff and the King of the great Arigidi Akoko for ensuring this ugly incidence didn’t escalate beyond this stage. I hope this publication will be seen and understood by lots of people who read the initial post and change their mindset towards Great Cornerstone International Science College, Arigidi Akoko, Ondo state.

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