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How You Can Pay Less Baggage Fees On Airlines

How You Can Pay Less Baggage Fees On Airlines

How You Can Pay Less Baggage Fees On Airlines


Airlines have made a big business out of incidental fees and one of the biggest sources of revenue from this are checked baggage fees. The good news is there are a number of ways for you to get around it.

Stay Loyal To An Airline
If you fly often, try to fly the same airline as much as possible and join its frequent flyer program. Almost all major airlines offer discounts on checked baggage or waive the fee altogether for their frequent flyer program members.

Go For An Upgraded Fare
At first, the price that comes along with an upgraded fare may seem unreasonable, until you factor in that the more expensive seat may actually come with a complimentary checked bag.

Use an airline Rewards Card
Buy your plane ticket with a co-branded airline credit card and you’ll get a range of benefits, including a waived baggage fee.

Sign Up For A Premium Travel Card
If you’re not a frequent flyer, but want to reap the benefits of travelling periodically, consider signing up for a premium travel credit card. Some airlines card for instance allows you to earn five points per dollar on all airline and hotel purchases. Furthermore, some allow points to be transferred to their frequent flyer programs.

You may also get complimentary airport lounge access at The Centurion, Priority Pass and receive an annual air travel credit that will reimburse you for baggage fees and in-flight purchases on one airline.

Travel With A Card Holder
If you’re not interested in a travel credit card, find someone who is. If you fly some airlines and have someone who holds a Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard, for example, both of you (plus two other friends) will get your first bag checked for free. The only catch is that they may require you you to be on the same reservation.

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