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“I Don’t Believe In Strategies, Everything About Me Is Natural “ – Omotoso Damilola


“I Don’t Believe In Strategies, Everything About Me Is Natural “ – Omotoso Damilola

Omotoso Damilola

You are gradually becoming a popular name in the industry, what does this mean to you?

To be very honest, it means a lot to me and I’m grateful to God, even tho I haven’t gotten to where I’m going but the fact that I’m making progress is worth being thankful for.

Looking at how you started and where you are today, would you have believed that you could get to this level this quick?

Yes, because I have put in so much work to be where I am today.

The industry is always tasking you guys. You have to be up and doing. How are You coping with the celebrity life and the attention?

For now,the attention is bearable because the pressure is still minimal.

Was acting what you have always loved to do or you found yourself in the industry by accident?

I have always loved acting ever since I was in primary school, any one close to me can testify to that .Acting is what I love doing and it’s part of me.

Many people like for different reasons, but you seem to be enjoying your time being an actress, what exactly do you like about being an actress?

Being an actress is a dream come true for me .So I love everything about it.

If you think of the journey so far, what would you say has been the most thrilling part of the experience?

The fact that I can become anybody or practice any profession on set depending on the character given to me.

You have featured in a couple of movies that endeared you to people, but many people still don’t rate your game high, are you not under any pressure?

At all, I’m not under any pressure because I didn’t choose this profession for people to rate me or for me to compete with others, I chose it because it is what I love and I Enjoy doing it .

How do you cope with pressure from men in your industry, especially those who might like you because you are pretty?

I turn them down respectfully and become friends with most of them because you need to have a good relationship with people (Might not be everyone but most people )if you really want to survive in the industry.

Being pretty they say is not enough to last long in the industry, but your beauty seems to be opening doors for you. You are always on high demand by producers, what’s your take?

It’s not about beauty alone. Like I said earlier, relating with more people helps a lot because movie making is not what a person can do alone.Another thing that works for me is the fact that I’m a producer and I’m able to showcase what I’m capable of doing and that creates more job opportunities for me,with that have been able to feature in movies like Oko Ramota,Addiction ,Eku meji ,Meje ,Living ghost ,Dark waters,kowope and so on.

You are gradually building your brand and making a name for yourself, what did it cost you to get to this level?

I will say hard work and consistency.

How sustainable is the brand you are building as there will always be new faces coming into the game regularly?

One thing I believe is that, when you don’t do regular, you will always stand out no matter the population and the brand I’m building is not regular .

You have a penchant for entertaining your fans on social media and it seems to be working for you, how are you coping with the pressure?

There’s no pressure at all , the content I create to entertain my fans on social media is what I do whenever I’m less busy, so its just another way of me having fun and at the same time putting smiles on people’s faces.

People say they love you because you a lot of yourself out there, is that a strategy?

I don’t believe in strategies, I’m just Me being Me .

Does it not bother you that you might be tagged as somebody who enjoys drawing attention to herself?

At all, because I’m not that kind of a person.

Tell us about your first experience being an actress and what was it like?

The first time I got a role ,I was given three scenes and I had to repeatedly rehearse before going on set because I was on set with two big stars .But I did well and I was proud of myself.

You are also a producer, what brought about the idea of becoming a producer?

I write stories a lot and for every story I write there’s always a picture of how I want it to be interpreted in my head and the only way to achieve that is by shooting it myself. Secondly, it’s a means of me showcasing my talent too. So far so good, have been able to shoot over four good movies such as ERI (1&2), STRANGE ROOM, AJINDO, AJENIFENI and others that are not out yet.

Is it because you don’t want to be approached with the sex for role thing which is very rampant in the industry?

Not at all

How exactly did acting start for you?

I met a senior colleague during a movie shoot in my home town…I went to him and told him how much I loved acting and wanted to join industry, then he asked if I could travel around for work and I said yes….And that was it!.

Tell us about your movie, Ajindo, What is the movie about?

Ajindo is a movie a very interesting movie that teaches a lot of lessons about life and the existence of another universe aside the one we live in. It’s still showing on YouTube

You are a stylish woman, what does it cost you to look beautiful and maintain your beauty?

Nothing much because everything about me is natural so I don’t have to do much to maintain my look.

The industry is peopled by different characters and people with diverse backgrounds, how do you try to be different and what have you been getting right?

I don’t try to be different, I know I’m the only one who can be me and that’s what makes me different.

Having emerged as one of the most sought after, how have you been dealing with all the pies in your hands?

I’m friendly and very careful dealing with them is not that hard.

Does it bother you that the Yoruba movie industry don’t pay its practitioners well enough compared to what is obtainable in other climes?

Yes and I feel it’s a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

But despite the poor fee, most of you would rather stick your necks into it rather than quit. When something does not pay you, how do you draw the strength to keep going?

PASSION ! If you are not passionate about acting you will definitely quit at any slight inconvenience. Passion is what gives you the zeal to do more even when things are not going as expected. So if you’re acting because of money or fame, you won’t last and the reason is because when those things don’t come as fast as you want , you will be totally discouraged.

If there is something that really worked for you and push your career to this level, what could it be?

I will say consistency.

Rising to the top of one’s game is one thing, staying relevant is another thing. What is your take on actresses and actors who usually fail to maintain their celebrity status for long?

From my own point of view, the movie is industry is very large and new faces appear everyday, so I believe whatever space you’re occupying today…a lot of people who are talented are striving hard to be there as well, so if you get there and relax , they will Overtake you without you realizing it. But if the consistency is there, the sky is big enough for all birds to fly.

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