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Lloyd Banks – Cold Summer (Freestyle)

Lloyd Banks – Cold Summer (Freestyle)


Lloyd Banks – Cold Summer (Freestyle) Mp3 Download

Lloyd Banks – Cold Summer (Freestyle) Mp3 Download; Lloyd Banks gives a nod to Fabolous by dropping “Cold Summer (Freestyle)” over the Brooklyn rapper’s beat.

He’s been a hot topic lately, and Lloyd Banks continues to release new music to show that he should never be forgotten. The former G-Unit rapper is a beast in the booth, and fans have been vying for him to return like a tsunami to the hip hop scene.

Once again, you’ll find an unapologetic Banks, this time speaking directly to someone about his grievances with them. He talks about his journey and his career as he effortlessly makes his way from beginning to end, so check out “Cold Summer (Freestyle)” by Lloyd Banks and let us know who you think he’s speaking to.

Quotable Lyrics

Why should get the credit for something I can do without you?
Show these bum n*ggas mercy, the doors was suicidal
Figured I’d take you along with me, of course, you’re too entitled

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