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Michael Blackson’s Car Smashed By Drunk Driver In Three Car Wreck

Michael Blackson’s Car Smashed By Drunk Driver In Three Car Wreck


Michael Blackson was having a great time on stage with Dave Chappelle, doing his comedy thing when a very unfortunate event took place that involved his car. TMZwas on the scene in West Hollywood when a Maserati crashed into a Jeep Wrangler and kept going and crashed into Michael’s Rolls Royce.

The video below shows some of the aftermath that sees one wheel of the Maserati sitting by the Jeep. The Maserati managed to make its way down the block, bumping into several cars along the way and according to the publication the driver was booked for a DUI.

“Maybe he’s a Flinstone,” Michael said of the ability to drive with three wheels. “Flinstone had three wheels, right? […] The whole phrase ‘Jesus take the wheel…’ I guess the Lord took the wheel.”

Michael did share a video of him on stage the night of the accident, getting quite the round of applause as he takes it all in with Dave Chappelle by his side.

“While this was going on at the Hollywood Improv a drunk driver drove into my car while it was valet parked, this Neega hit my car so hard that one of his wheels came off and the beech still try to get away with 3 tires,” he wrote. “I guess he asked Jesus to take the wheel but the Lord only took him one block and now he’s in jail. More on the story tomorrow.”

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