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Nicki Minaj Streams Rise After Retirement Announcement

Nicki Minaj Streams Rise After Retirement Announcement


Nicki Minaj surprised many when she announced plans to retire from music to build a life and family away from the entertainment industry.

Today, those who hoped the news would kill interest in her music have learned that it has inspired the opposite effect.

The rapper’s last album ‘Queen’ delivered the single ‘Chun Li’ which was released on April 12th 2018 and moved over 2 million units worldwide despite peaking at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Now it stands as one of the many songs her fans and critics were driven to listen to after learning of her plans to pull the plug on her illustrious career.

On September 5th, ‘Chun’ stood around the 167 million streams spun point on Spotify.

Today, on September 27th, it stands at the 177 million mark.

Ten million streams in 22 days.

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