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Nollywood Actress Wunmi Toriola Refutes Claims That She Brutalized Her Son’s Nanny


Nollywood Actress Wunmi Toriola Refutes Claims That She Brutalized Her Son’s Nanny

Monday 17 October 2021, publications were made accusing Nollywood actress of assaulting her son’s nanny which she has come out to refute.

The actress claims she caught her son’s nanny on camera giving her a child drug without her consent and she had also noticed her boy would sleep earlier than usual which was unlike him. “One month of work with her
I caught her on camera giving my child drug without my consent. A week before I noticed the boy would sleep early unlike him and wouldn’t wake up in good time only for me to check the camera on Friday and saw her giving cough syrup and 2 other drugs”

Wunmi also said her nanny at first lied about not giving her boy drugs when asked which she later confessed.

“I called her immediately, I asked her “what did he eat?. She said cereal as contrary to what I asked her to give him, I also asked “why did you give him drugs?” she first said “she didn’t give him ,later she said she gave him, I had to leave work and rushed home only for me to see that she had packed her things…I got home and I almost hit her out of anger but she ran.”

Her son’s nanny also tired to runaway because she has been paid a dey before the incident.

“I instructed the security not to allow her go out, apparently she wanted to go since she was paid a day before, so many people begged that I should leave her, her mum called crying and her mum said her dad was sick too. I left her and allowed her sleep till the morning as it was late and I didn’t want to risk leaving her that night (God forbid something bad happens)

In the morning I took her to police station to write a statement as my instinct told me she was up to somethin
g. The IPO said “if you allow her write statement they would detain her and out of pity I let it slide. On our way back I dropped her on the road as I was going to take my boy to the hospital. Only for me to see the news.”

The actress also said neighbours had reported to her that the nanny always beat her child.

“A week before my neighbor said she would take the boy outside like a stroll and beat him a times, this is one girl I take everywhere, I try to always make her comfortable so she will take care of my boy. Everyone knows me, I don’t even go to work outside Lagos nor sleep on location since I had him”

“I would make sure I get home. because of this I also made sure the boy stays in school as school appears safer till 5pm, so that he would have less hour to stay with nanny before i return home.”

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