Rapper, Cardi B, made a midnight trip to a store in Hollywood wearing a silky nightgown, fluffy slippers and had hair wrapped as she went to pick up a makeup remover and an iPhone charger.

 The 26-year-old mother of one also browsed the store’s makeup aisle, picking up an anti-aging cream.

According to student Jeidi Diakite, who snapped the images of Cardi, she said: ‘She went to the makeup aisle and picked up some anti-aging cream and makeup remover.

‘She seemed to come in to buy a charger for her phone and asked her driver to go and get it.

‘She went and was browsing the perfume section and then went to stand in line at the checkout.

‘She was kind of scratching her head under her hair wrap. I don’t know maybe she has dandruff or something.

‘She was obviously noticeable because she was wearing slippers and a short dress.

‘She seemed really humble and quiet. She seemed like a pleasant person and was really respectful to the staff.

‘She didn’t seem like a typical celebrity at all.’


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