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Policemen allegedly ‘planted’ weed in passenger’s bag

Policemen allegedly ‘planted’ weed in passenger’s bag


Some officers of the Nigerian Police Force, have been accused of allegedly planting weed in a passenger’s bag in Anambra State.

In a report posted on social media by popular activist Segalink, the victim was on his way to catch a flight when the cab he was traveling in was stopped by the officers.

After a thorough search and finding nothing on the passenger, they later accused him of keeping weed in his luggage, after which they took him to an ATM point and forced him at gun point to withdraw N150,000.

Segalink wrote:

I was just informed about a citizen running late to catch a flight in the SEast, Only for him to be stopped by @PoliceNG in Awka. They demanded for a search & found nothing. He was even in a cab. While they searched he was trusting enough to focus on his phone & flight update.

Then they bellowed at him to follow them that they have miraculously found weed in his luggage. This by the way is a church guy whose innocence can make a bee repent from ever stinging a soul. Yet Police saw him as a prey & dragged him not to their station but to the ATM machine.

He was forced at gun point to withdraw N150,000 from his account as settlement for the evidence planted by rogue policemen. This will be escalated and the culprits will be found based on the evidence available. They’ve preyed on the wrong guy. Let the purge begin.

He is currently too shocked to believe this happened to him in his own country. If it were to be armed robbery he knows this is a possibility in any country but having your own policemen rob you at gun point is the 8th Wonder of the World.

The spate of evil between Enugu and Awka as perpetrated by Police is alarming. Even if we don’t have governors or President it shouldn’t be this bad. It calls for concern. #EndImpunity#ReformPoliceNG

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