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Rihanna Looks Stunning & Thick In New Fenty Lingerie Photo

Rihanna Looks Stunning & Thick In New Fenty Lingerie Photo


If you were to survey a group of men on who their celebrity dream crush is, a popular answer would be Rihanna. She’s been one of the baddest in the game for years and still, she finds ways to outdo herself. Earlier this month, the pop superstar went on a spree of sharing lingerie photos to promote her special Valentine’s Day line for Savage X Fenty. The brand picked up last year, hosting a model-filled NYFW event and celebrating being one of the most inclusive lingerie labels in America. Now, RiRi is back to her old ways, posting yet another shot of herself looking incredible in her own product, promoting the new collection.

“We bout to get real Xtra,” says the musician. She posted a shot of herself in a black bodysuit, showcasing her curves and reminding everyone that she’s got one of the fittest bodies out there. The post is promoting an exclusive VIP box that will be available to redeem on March 1. Rihanna will likely be sharing a few more photos of herself in Savage X Fenty in the coming days.

Her ninth album has been long rumored to be dropping this year. RiRi has not confirmed an exact release date but she did comment on her socials that we should expect R9 in 2019. Are you looking forward to hearing some new music?


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