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Shina Peters’s Wife: “Linda Ikeji Broke The News Of My Cancer, I Cried”

Shina Peters’s Wife: “Linda Ikeji Broke The News Of My Cancer, I Cried”

It was this Linda (Lindaikejiblog) that broke the news. I didn’t tell my friends, I didn’t tell my extended family members, it was just within the family, myself, my husband and my children (Sade and Olumide) who knew about it. I didn’t even tell Clinton because I felt he was too young to handle it but when the news broke, I thank God that my husband was in America at that moment. He came in on the 3rd of January (2015); so, he was with me and the news broke in that same January.

I was upset initially because I didn’t want anybody to know at the time. I was still going through Chemotherapy (Chemo) which was the most challenging aspect of the healing process, I did Kimo, I did radiation, and I did surgery. I was going through a lot of things that affected my emotion and my whole being. My appearance and everything about me changed. So, I was going through a lot of emotional distress as a result of the Chemo process (Chemotherapy) at the time because I started my Chemo in December and the news broke in January.

So, I was so sad, I cried, I said everybody has got to know to know my ordeal. This one will call ‘I heard this I heard that’ and calls kept coming after the report broke. But thank God my husband was around and he was able to manage it very well. And he said to me ‘Things like this will definitely happen, you are my wife, you are Shina Peters’ wife, and you can’t hide it from the press. Just be open about it, if you start hiding, telling them stories, they won’t leave you alone. They will eventually keep digging and digging until the truth comes out. So, better let it go this way’.

So, I later read LindaIkeji’s blog, they told me the name because I have never heard of it before, that was my first time and I went on it and I saw lots of comments, people were saying “No, no, not again. Not this woman, not again’; as I was reading and seeing those comments I became happy, at the same time I felt loved, I was touched and all the good emotions came back. I was like ‘Oh, God! People love me like this?’ I didn’t realize that until the problem came and I was just telling God “You are not going to let me die, not now. I want people to just use me as a point of prayer to you that the God that cured Sammie Peters of cancer please cure me”.

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