The shocking moment a man was bitten on the head by a shark was captured on video and has now been shared online.

Will Krause, 29, was spearfishing in the Bahamas on August 20, when a shark swam up and bit his head. The incident was captured by fellow “spear-fisherman” Zach Shipps on his GoPro.

Will Krause, of Greenville, recently took to Facebook to share the video after he was fortunate to come out alive.

He wrote:

“3 months ago (Aug 20, 2018), I survived a shark attack to the head while spearfishing in the Abacos.

I was 25 feet below the surface when the 6-7 ft Reef Shark struck the back of my head & neck. I miraculously escaped with several stitches, some gnarly scars, & a viral GoPro video.”

The video shows the shark swim up to Krause and bite him on the back of the head before quickly swimming away.


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