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Snoop Dogg Considers Changing Name To “Smooth Dogg”

Snoop Dogg Considers Changing Name To “Smooth Dogg”


No matter how many times the man decides to change his name, we will always know him as Snoop Dogg. In the past, he’s gone by Snoop Doggy Dogg, Snoopzilla, Snoop Lion, and others titles. The Doggfather’s only competition at this point has to be Diddy. With a new album coming out next month, the West Coast legend is getting ready to adopt a new moniker. It may not last long but this time, he thinks it has a chance at sticking. Introducing… Smooth Dogg.

The rapper came through on Instagram to introduce us all to his new persona, teasing the name change by asking fans their thoughts on it. “I told y’all this was on another level,” said Snoop, who was undeniably hyped about the whole thing. “This name might just stick. How y’all think the name Smoooth Dogg sound??”

Surprisingly enough, fans seem to be into the change. A few members of his core supporters were resistant to the switch-up but for the most part, people seem to be feeling the new name.

We’ll see if he decides to go for a full rebrand like he did with Snoop Lion. You may recall the artist actually released a project under the moniker, singing reggae tunes. Are you feeling his new title?

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