There has been a viral news circulating about couples that were caught having s*x in a car. The couples were shamed and humiliated by other resident that caught them in the act.

The pictures of the couple have been circulating all over the internet via the various social media platforms.


A Twitter user who must have been concerned about the whole matter took it up and asked the Nigeria Police Assitant Commisoner of Police, Abayomi Shogunle, a very important question – he asked if it’s a crime to have s*x in a car. He got a reply.

In his words;

“Oga @YomiShogunle please is it a crime to have s*x in your car?”

He got this reply;

S*x in a car in a public place is not a crime in Nigeria provided;
1. Location is not a place of worship
2. Parties are 18 yrs+
3. The act is consensual (agreed to by parties)
4. Parties are of opposite s*x
If threatened with an arrest over above, pls contact @PoliceNG_PCRRU”


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