The Shady Renaissance is upon us. Compton’s Boogie is set to kick off the movement tomorrow with his new album Everything’s For Sale, and now, one of the project’s most anticipated tracks has surfaced. “Rainy Days” marks the first collaboration between Boogie and Em, who each hold it down for a verse apiece. “I come from this shit where the shit can get Shady my chances was Slim,” spits Boogie, over a morose, horn-driven trap instrumental from Fresh Ayr, STREETRUNNER & S1. Opting for a laid-back delivery, Boogie sets the tone effectively, setting the stage for Eminem to slide through with his first contribution of 2019.

The instrumental evolves upon Shady’s entry, conjuring up an appropriately cinematic feel. Picking up where Kamikaze left off, Em brings out a variety of flows, spitting whirlwind bouts of multisyllabic storytelling in unparalleled fashion. “You’re trippin’ off of tryptophan and tripped a fan in Switzerland, just for askin’ an autograph or picture, then ripped it in half, and whipped it at him and kick his ass all the way back to Michigan,” he raps, before slowing it down for the close. Overall, it’s a great showcase of what appears to be a budding musical chemistry, and we look forward to catching Boogie’s album in full when it drops tomorrow.

Quotable Lyrics

Marshall is dead in the water but not that I care
Dre said, “Rock the boat” and the Doc is my pier
So, it’s unanimous, you’re at attention, the planet’s listenin’
And their banana splits again, which has its advantages
But when you got nothing to say except for the hand your dick is in
And if your plan’s to stick it in Janice Dickens
And imagine if the Temazepam is kickin’ in and it’s havin’ you panic-stricken
You’re trippin’ off of tryptophan and tripped a fan in Switzerland
Just for askin’ an autograph or picture, then ripped it in half
And whipped it at him and kick his ass all the way back to Michigan


Boogie - Silent Ride Mp3 Download

Underground breakout Boogie received the co-sign of a lifetime when he signed to Shady Records at the end of 2017. His journey to this point has been filled with ups and downs, but Boogie is set to release his debut album. He announced the title of the project, Everything’s For Sale, via social media and has returned just a few hours later with the first single off the project. Entitled “Silent Ride,” Boogie’s lead single is a vibe.

Peaceful flutes flutter behind Boogie as he comes in singing on the single. He paints a tale of a man who is lost in his own head, allowing the silence around him to further his detachment and exploration inside his mind. Everything’s For Sale drops on January 25, but until then, bump this new banger.

Quotable Lyrics
I know I’m wrong but let me slide
Uh, Yes I ain’t right before I ride
Just tell the world but I’m dead inside
The ride was long, I slept for five
She got my phone, I’m petrified
She read my text, I read her mind