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Drake ft Chris Brown – Not You Too Mp3 Download

Drake ft Chris Brown – Not You Too Mp3 Download; Drake and Chris Brown link up for another collaboration titled Not You Too. This record will have fans on the edge of their seat.

On this particular track, Brown takes more of a backseat as he provides the background vocals during the verses and sometimes, the chorus. Meanwhile, throughout the verses, Drake talks about a woman he has been dying to be with and how by now, they should be an item. However, as is the case with much of Drake’s subject matter, things just didn’t work out.

Give this record a spin as you attempt to get through these quarantine blues.

Quotable Lyrics:

Trust me and I can set you free
Left your man, came straight to me
You the real MVP, my love
Ride dirty like Pimp C


Chris Brown ft Davido – Lower Body Mp3 Download

Chris Brown ft Davido Lower Body Mp3 Download: Off the highly anticipated project, Chris Brown features Nigerian music heavyweight, Davido on a record titled ‘Lower Body‘.

Following the success of “Blow My Mind“, both talented artists collaborated again the second time.

Oya move for me with your lower body, Odi lower body, I wanna make love with you all night, then am gonna play with you all day, you make my head gbogbo

Listen & Download Lower Body Mp3 by Chris Brown ft Davido


Chris Brown-Earns-First-Hot -00-Top-5-Hit-In-Over-10-Years-With-No-Guidance

Love him or loathe him, Chris Brown continues to prove himself the preeminent male R&B artist of the 2010s – a feat underscored by the enduring success of his latest Hot 100 hit, ‘No Guidance.’

A collaboration with former nemesis Drake, the Vinylz-produced tune – which debuted at #9 upon its June 2019 premiere on the chart –  marked a personal milestone for Brown as it became his first top 10 hit (as a leader) since 2013’s ‘Loyal.’  

Now, it’s pressing its way toward #1 as the tally’s refreshed list shows ‘Guidance’ has danced its way into the top 5.

Found aboard the Grammy winner’s latest album, ‘Indigo,’ the bop rose on this week’s chart thanks to a handsome mix of streaming (32.8 million), radio impressions (62 million), and digital sales (6,000).

Billboard reports:

“Chris Brown’s “No Guidance,” featuring Drake, reaches the Hot 100’s top five, rising 7-5 and besting its prior No. 6 high; it debuted at No. 9 on the June 22-dated chart and has spent all but two of its 16 weeks on the list in the top 10.

Brown earns his first top five Hot 100 hit in over 11 years, since “Forever” ranked at No. 4 on Sept. 20, 2008, after reaching No. 2. His four other top five entries: “No Air,” with Jordin Sparks (No. 3, 2008); “With You” (No. 2, 2008); “Kiss Kiss,” featuring T-Pain (No. 1 for three weeks, 2007); and “Run It!” (No. 1, five weeks, 2005).”


Davido x Chris Brown – Blow My Mind [Lyrics]

Davido x Chris Brown Blow My Mind Lyrics – Here is the lyrics to Davido and Chris Brown newly released single titled Blow My Mind.

David Adeleke links up with Christopher Maurice Brown is an American singer, Chris Brown to dish out a new single entitled “Blow My Mind”.


Shizzi, m-m-magic fingers

[Verse 1: Davido]
Never waste your time, never let you go
Talk down, back-to-back, you’re the best I know
Oh yeah, you done blow my mind
Blow my mind, blow my mind
For your love, I go change my life
Change my life, change my life (Yeah)
Yeah, but [?] speakin’ [?]
Dutty whine, dutty whine for me nice and slow
So many nights I done went for my time
To get you all alone for one night
You do me somethin’ new like I go back for your touch

[Pre-Chorus: Davido]
I want to do you however you want
Freaky, freaky for you
Show me what you’re into

[Chorus: Davido, Chris Brown & Both]
Girl, you just dey blow my, blow my mind
Blow my mind
 (Yeah, yeah)
Girl, your body dey blow my, blow my mind
Blow my mind

Girl, you just dey blow my, blow my mind
Blow my mind

Girl, your body dey blow my, blow my mind
Blow my mind

[Post-Chorus: Davido & Chris Brown]
Yeah, yeah (’Fore you go, I go)
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah (‘Fore you go, I go)
Ah, ah (We go rendezvous)
Ah, ah (Make me rendezvous)
Ah, ah (We go rendezvous)
Ah, ah (Make me rendezvous)

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
When I drink from your water, give me a cup
I just wanna sip
I’m tryna steal your love, I’m guilty of it
I don’t give a shit
So who tellin’ all our business when I’m killin’ it, when I’m fillin’ it?
Kissin’ and it turn into an animal (Oh)
Yeah yeah, girl, I fuck with a attitude
Angry and you’re dangerous
It don’t matter, no no
‘Cause your body controllin’ me
It don’t matter, no
And I know you see the same vision
Nobody gon’ change how we livin’
Nobody gon’ change how I feel about you

[Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown]
I want to do you however you want
Freaky, freaky for you
Show me what you’re into
Ooh, girl, you just

[Chorus: Davido, Chris Brown & Both]
Girl, you just dey blow my, blow my mind
Blow my mind
 (Yeah, yeah)
Girl, your body dey blow my, blow my mind
Blow my mind
 (Blow my mind)
Girl, you just dey blow my, blow my mind
(You, you, you, you)
Blow my mind
(You, you, you, you)
Girl, your body dey blow my, blow my mind
Blow my mind
 (Blow my mind)

[Post-Chorus: Davido & Chris Brown]
Yeah, yeah (‘Fore you go, I go)
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah (‘Fore you go, I go)
Ah, ah (We go rendezvous)
Ah, ah (Make me rendezvous)
Ah, ah (We go rendezvous)
Ah, ah (Make me rendezvous)


Chris Brown thinks Rihanna is on the verge of breaking the internet.

Chris Brown will never stray too far away from his first love. He and Rihanna were best friends, collaborators, lovers, and more years ago before they became the subject of a major controversy. The incident still shields Chris’ positive behaviour to this day. Whenever he flubs up, people are quick to note that he once physically attacked Rihanna, leaving her with bruises, a black eye, and permanent emotional damage. It’s one of the most debated moments in recent entertainment history. Would Chris’ career had played out differently if that night was erased from our memories? Probably. Despite all the time that has passed, he still has a lot of love for Rihanna. He made sure to remind her of that by leaving a couple of comments on her new lingerie shots.

For several months, RiRi has been her own biggest promotional tool. She’s posted many photos of herself rocking styles from her Savage X Fenty brand, encouraging fans to head over to the webshop so they can get like her. The images have made many of her supporters do double takes and even Chris Brown, a man that so many members of the Rihanna Navy just want to drift away to pursue other interests, has expressed his approval of the new snaps.

“BOUGHT [SIC] TO BREAK DA INTERNET,” wrote the “Wobble Up” singer. “KEEP RISING QUEEN. MUSIC SOON PLEASE.” Last year, Chris similarly commented on one of her topless photos, simply adding in a flushed face emoji. This time, he went for a more positive and supportive route.


Most of the time, there is no use arguing about somebody being a more talented artist than somebody else. It’s like comparing athletes. Will there ever be an answer as to who is the best between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo? No, and there won’t be a winner in the music world either.

Each artist contributes something different to the world and that’s what we love so much about the art form they represent. Beyoncé and Chris Brown are both insanely talented individuals. Both of them are experienced singers, dancers, actors, and more. They have proven themselves time and time again but that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for them to be compared.

After the release of her Homecoming documentary, Beyoncé fans have been raving about the project for days on social media. Chris Brown’s loyal following decided to chime in and rain on her parade though, arguing that Chris is a better overall performer.

Both artists have had stellar weeks with the release of Beyoncé’s new documentary and Chris Brown’s fresh single. What are your thoughts on this debate? Do you think one can justifiably be considered better than the other?


Chris Brown ft Nicki Minaj & G-Eazy - Wobble Up

Chris Brown is feeling himself today. The singer slash rapper has officially dropped off a new single from his forthcoming Indigo project, in which sexuality runs absolutely rampant. Sparing no detail, Breezy reveals the expected ritual upon “whipping it out,” before sweetening his cadence to prove he’s more than a single-minded hound. “You ain’t out here looking for love,” he sings, “you done had your heart broken and had enough.” Just because you can find love in the club, doesn’t mean you always have to. 

Nicki Minaj handles the second verse, spitting an up-tempo flow laden with innuendo and coy euphemisms. Yet it’s not all fun and games. “I went to the club and guess who I see,” she raps, in full Barb mode. “A motherfu*ka that be stuntin’ on me, I tote one of the macks and back the thing out, ain’t showing off my jewels but shots gon’ ring out.” Young Gerald closes things out with a final verse, explaining that should he be satisfied by your love, he may very well commit to buying you some real estate. Despite the fact that these verses were likely written within a ten-minute time-frame, “Wobble Up” is a harmless bit of hedonistic fun, gift-wrapped for the clubs with star power to match. 

Quotable Lyrics

Wobble on the D, gobble up, gobble—gobble up
Players hard to love, cookie cold, better bundle up
All them other dudes had their chance, now they out of luck
When I bust a nut, I don’t never wanna cuddle, no
I went to the club, and guess who I seen?
A motherfucker that been stuntin’ on me
I tote one of the macs and back the thing out
Ain’t showin’ off my jewels, but shots gon’ ring out


Chris Brown – “Back To Love” Mp4 Video Download

In case you forgot, Chris Brown is still a flipping incredible dancer. He proves it in his new video. For several days, Breezy has been teasing the arrival of a new single and video to follow up “Undecided.”

The video looks to have been an expensive production, bringing Chris to France where he’s rushed by a group of fans. The star makes his French-speaking debut here, slowly coming out with one sentence, asking to be taken somewhere in his car. He cruises by the Eiffel Tower as he croons about one special lady in his life, saying that she’s opened him up and hoping to make his way back to love. Could this track be about an old flame of his? Or do you think he’s trying to just get back to love in general?

Quotable Lyrics:

Had a good girl but I ain’t treat her right
I was up in her head with bullshit every night
Took a little time, but now I got it right
You opened my eyes up to see the light


Chris Brown drops “Who Dis” at the stroke of Moonlight.

In lieu of talking out of turn, Chris Brown is letting a defamation suit run him cover, in the wake of his charges being dismissed. To top it off, Chris Brown ghosted the scene by unequivocally asking “Who Dis?” That’s just the way of Breezy’s constant warpath. After being adjudged innocent of any wrongdoing (in Paris), the do-it-all R&B singer is back on his grind, with a chippy song evoking the spirit of “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t.”

And yet, Brown isn’t the only R&B singer with an aversion to criticism. If “Who Dis” is but a fork in a longrunning riddle, where does Breezy go from here, and how does it look 5 or 6 years from now? The character personified in “Who Dis” tries to empathize with a woman who has wronged him in some way, as vague as it may seem.

Breezy tries to understand her angst by relating it to his own – drawing inspiration from a platonic ideal he has little control over. In the end, Chris Brown decides the best antidote in this scenario is a full-on cover-up, so he chucks his Sim Card and starts up again. Check out “Who Dis” and hit us with your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics:

Traffic out here is kind of crazy
More time for me to clean up
She might be thinking of something shady
Really seriously you need to hurry up.


chris-brownChris Brown’s Paris trip resulted in him getting arrested after a woman accused the singer of drugging and raping her. The Heartbreak On A Full Moon singer was released from police custody with no charges with reports detailing how officers are having a hard time understanding the woman’s story. Chris has now hit the woman with a defamation lawsuit and is putting his innocence on the forefront, quite literally, with new merchandise.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Chris wrote “THIS BITCH LYIN” in his caption and he’s now taken those three words and plastered them on some t-shirts. According to The Blast the original term was coined when Chris was accused of assaulting model Baylee Curran back in 2016 and now he’s found another way to bring it back to light again.

The shirts are being sold online through Chris’ Black Pyramid clothing line, going for $38 a piece.


After Chris was released from custody he stayed in the city to finish up some filming an upcoming music video.



Chris Brown is starting off the new year with new music.

After promising to drop material after the holidays, Breezy delivers his new single “Undecided.” Produced by Scott Storch (“Run It!,” “Gimme That”), the ’90s-inspired jam samples Shanice’s chart-topping hit “I Love Your Smile.” Breezy sings about a love so good that it makes him want to propose.

“I’m taking off your clothes / We getting sexual / It is so good, think I’ll propose,” he sings. “Look at all these sparks flying / But I’m still indecisive / Does she want me to wife it?”

Quotable Lyrics:

I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but here we go again
Girl, you know that p***y is my weakness
Girl, you got me addicted when you switchin’ position
You told me, “Shut up”
And you know I listen, I hate it
Wish I never did it
I can’t keep sinnin’ and pretendin’


Chris Brown, took to Instagram to show off his walk-in closet in his home while complaining that he’s out of space for his clothes. He wrote: