DJ Gesaffelstein



The Weeknd has his sights set on taking over 2019, and his new single is the first step to achieving that goal. Abel teamed up with his steady collaborator DJ Gesaffelstein for “Lost In The Fire,” a new pop single. Gesaffelstein also produced the My Dear Melancholy tracks “I Was Never There” and “Hurt You.” His chemistry with The Weeknd is solidified, and “Lost In The Fire” is proof of their converging energies. Soon after The Weeknd shared the track, he also dropped an accompanying music video.

Directed by Manu Cossu, The Weeknd’s new visuals are presented as abstract art. Gesaffelstein stands beside Abel, but he looks like a phantom due to being completely covered in black paint. The waxy paint is layered over a statue as well, while scenes of manufactured flowers and burning rings are interwoven into the story. There’s a horror element mixed in as well, which is all visually stunning while you listen to The Weeknd sing about making love.



The word around the industry is that The Weeknd is prepping a new project for 2019. The talented singer has teased as much on social media, and a friend and collaborator of his, DJ Gesaffelstein, previewed a new song from Abel earlier this week. The French producer and DJ worked with Abel on the My Dear Melancholy tracks “I Was Never There” and “Hurt You.” Now, the duo has returned with their latest collaboration “Lost In The Fire.”

The new single meshes pop and disco vibes, and is constructed like a radio hit. Abel’s voice is doused in delays and reverbs, and his honey sweet vocals reverb between the techno-pop drums with dramatic effect. “Lost In The Fire” sounds like it would fit in perfectly on Starboy, which was propelled to success off of more upbeat singles than Abel’s patented slow-tempo introspective emotional ballads. Stream “Lost In The Fire” below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
I wanna fuck you slow with the lights on (Lights on, lights on, lights on)
You’re the only one I’ve got my sights on (Sights on, sights on, sights on)
Type of sex you could never put a price on (Price on, price on, price on)