Herstory In The Making


Young M.A – No Mercy Mp3 Download

Young M.A No Mercy Mp3 Download; Brooklyn rapper  Young M.A is out with No Mercy . The song is the intro of her coming album titled Herstory In The Making, which is set to be released this Friday, September 27th.

Quotable Lyrics:

Took the cold out my heart, went and put in on a watch 
Middle finger hangin’ out the Benz, feel like Pac
Spittin’ on your cameras, bandana with the knot
Competition lookin’ for me, I was waitin’ at the top
But ain’t no competition, ain’t no one in my position 
Didn’t mean to flex on niggas, wasn’t my decision 
God told me, “Do it,” so I did it all 
And hoes gon’ be hoes, I ain’t trippin’ on ’em