Justine Skye


Download Justine Skye Maybe Mp3 – Talented singer Justine Skye drops a new tune as an independent artist. she titled the new song “Maybe”.

The song is reminiscent of Skye’s usual sweet and seductive sound, but you can see the slight difference between it and her older work. Defying her usual style, the track balances between RnB and Afrobeats, delivering quite the vibe. Skye croons about a clear sexual chemistry, hinting at what is to come next as she delivers simple, yet effective lyricism throughout the mellow track. Check it out below!

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m feelin’ I got your vibe
Big energy tonight
You are the reason why I’m high (High)
So take out your wings and fly (Take out your wings)
Know I’m the reason why (Know I’m the reason)