Nigerians Say BBNaija is a more reliable route to success than a university degree or a 9 - 5 job

Spoiler: “Yahoo Yahoo” is a no no!!

A large majority of Nigerians believe they are more likely to succeed faster if they get into the BBNaija house than they are if they stuck with their university degree or their 9 – 5 job. This is according to recently launched BBNaija report released by Plaqad.com.

According to the report, when asked which they thought offers a better guarantee for success between “Yahoo Yahoo,” a “University Degree and a 9-5 job” or contesting in BBNaija, more than 53% of the respondents voted in favor of BBNaija while 43.6% said a university degree was the fastest and most reliable route to success for young Nigerians.

Only 2% opted for “Yahoo Yahoo” which is not surprising as the people were of the opinion that BB Naija and a University degree are credible and legitimate routes to success (even though a degree is not an assurance of success), but “Yahoo Yahoo” is a crime.

Download the rest of the report for free here: www.plaqad.com/bbnaija