Ty Dolla $ign

Big Sean brings Ty Dolla $ign and Jhene Aiko on board for new tune titled Body Language.

Big Sean, Jhene Aiko with Ty Dolla $ign for the ultra-smooth and sexy record, “Body Language.” Produced by KeY Wane and Jay John Henry, Sean tackles disloyalty within his circle before detailing his sexual fantasies. Jhene and Ty Dolla $ign tie together the bridge and the hook with their silky smooth vocal performances for one a highlight off of the project.

Quotable Lyrics
I might walk in while you showerin’
Hit you in your shower cap, you gripping on the towel rack
I’m bussin’ while you buss back
In the bathtub pouring champagne on that ass like I’m Dame Dash
Goddamn, yo’ last n***a blew it with his lame ass

Big Sean ft Jhené Aiko & Ty Dolla $ign Single Again Mp3 Download

Big Sean ft Jhené Aiko & Ty Dolla $ign – Single Again Mp3 Download

Big Sean ft Jhené Aiko & Ty Dolla $ign Single Again Mp3 Download – Big Sean reflects on the solo life on his track “Single Again” ft. Jhené Aiko & Ty Dolla $ign

After a lengthy hiatus, Big Sean is back and better than ever. He recently dropped off his fire single “Overtime” and now he’s back with his latest track, “Single Again.”

Quotable Lyrics

Maybe I should spend this cash on me
Instead of blaming all my old girls when I leave
Instead of calling up these fake hoes that I don’t need


This past week, August Alsina fans were rewarded for their patience, when the R&B singer unveiled an 8-song EP boasting but one collaborative effort, “Control” with Ty Dolla $ign. At first glance, the convergence of two quote-unquote “R&B Thugs” reads like a redundancy, but in truth one of these men is unlike the other.

As far as mainstream R&B goes, August Alsina is regarded as something of a sentimentalist. On the surface alone, his new Forever and A Day EP shows him to be a fluid songwriter capable of moments of lucidity, and the usual tetchy manner associated with the modern love ballad.

On “Control,” Alsina and Ty Dolla $ign sing many of the refrains in unison. On the boards, OG Parker keeps the bass at a club-friendly level, even though this song should be played in moments of solitude. And yet, August Alsina strikes the listener as someone who knows a thing or two about pulling a rabbit out the club.

Quotable Lyrics:

I can’t help myself ’round you
Don’t see no one else but you
Girl, I must confess to you
It’s always the best with you
Way you make that body move
Girl, it make me act a fool.