Young M.A


Young M.A – No Mercy Mp3 Download

Young M.A No Mercy Mp3 Download; Brooklyn rapper  Young M.A is out with No Mercy . The song is the intro of her coming album titled Herstory In The Making, which is set to be released this Friday, September 27th.

Quotable Lyrics:

Took the cold out my heart, went and put in on a watch 
Middle finger hangin’ out the Benz, feel like Pac
Spittin’ on your cameras, bandana with the knot
Competition lookin’ for me, I was waitin’ at the top
But ain’t no competition, ain’t no one in my position 
Didn’t mean to flex on niggas, wasn’t my decision 
God told me, “Do it,” so I did it all 
And hoes gon’ be hoes, I ain’t trippin’ on ’em


Young M.A spent most of 2018 dropping singles for the streets, keeping her name hot, performing, and jumping on features. To kick off 2019, the New York rapper has decided to reach into the vault of classic hip-hop beats. She bravely steps onto Clipse’s “Grindin,'” a song that changed the life (and the lunch tables) of any 90’s baby that was old enough when Lord Willin’ dropped in 2002. Young M.A’s latest freestyle, dubbed “Baked,” comes along with a video where the young rhymer stalks around what appears to be her condo.

Directed by Marc Diamond, the “Baked Freestyle” video is a one-shot of Young M.A. Visuals pop up randomly to help paint pictures of the lyrics being performed. Captions for ad libs take over the screen at moments, giving the video an old school feel reminiscent of cartoons from the early 1900s.

Quotable Lyrics
I got a brick in my pocket
Cause I don’t carry a wallet
Promote money, stop promoting that violence
That’s word to James Harden we still holdin’ them Rockets