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The Palms in huge debt Crisis

The Palms in huge debt Crisis

Mr Tayo Amusan and his company are highly indebted to a bank. Huge amount in dollars, that was used to finance the hugely acclaimed Palms Mall housing Shoprite The Game, Hugo Boss and other top brands in Lekki.

Reliable sources confirmed, that most of the shops were rented to Oga Tayo and Madam Ayo Amusan the wife. Tayo and Ayo are not even paying their rents for the shops so how can the Mall pay it’s debts to the bank it is owing. By the way the company in charge of rent collection is owned by Oga Tayo, who rented it to Madam Tayo. So Oga Tayo’ s property rental company was told to eject the Madam’s company for not paying rent and that was complied with.

What did Oga Tayo and Madam Ayo do, they quickly got an injunction against themselves by approaching a court to force the opening, in short Madam and Oga sued each other and even themselves!!!!!.

Sources told us this is likely the beginning of the end of the famous The Palms. In any event this is sending wrong signal to financial institutions outside the country about our ingenious ways of dodging obligations.

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